In my first book, published in 2018 I introduce the multiple possibilities of using herbs grown in our garden as well as edible plants and flowers grown wild. My favourite plants and the dishes made of those were photographed by Lőrinc Szendeffy thanks to whom a special visual world was created. I tell about growing, collecting and processing edible plants, my own pesto, herbal teas and I also share 48 recipes made of ingredients of the four seasons.

Mariann Beh: The kitchen's garden

  • Mariann Beh: The kitchen's garden - edible vegetables of four seasons with recipes / BOOOK Publishing

  • Postaköltség: 1900 Ft

    Fizetés: Bankkártyával vagy előre utalással.

    A kiszállítás 25.000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén ingyenes.

    Szállítási idő: 3-7 munkanap

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